Paradise is a State of Mind

Paradise is a State of Mind

Here at Hawaii Hangover we are thankful for the concept “Paradise is a state of mind.” It is easy to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to the concept of Paradise. When we define Paradise as a place we have to travel to, it can feel far away and inaccessible. However, when we view it as a mindset, we can access Paradise anywhere!

So what goes into creating a Paradise Mindset for yourself? 

#1: Rest and Relaxation!

First of all, you don't have to wait until vacation to rest. Taking time to slow down and relax is a great way to bring a Paradise Mindset into your daily life. A way to begin is to ask yourself what types of things feel restful and relaxing to you, and then consider how to add more of those things into your routines.

#2: Adventures

When we go on vacations and trips, we often intentionally plan activities that are out of the ordinary and feel adventurous. Trying new things and making new memories are a part of what makes vacations feel extra special. But why should we only pursue adventures on rare occasions? Making space in our regular routines to try new or different things allows us to feel adventurous without having to wait for vacation.

#3: Beauty

You don’t have to be in Hawaii to enjoy a beautiful sunset, a smile from a friend, or blossoms on that trees you drive by on your way to work. Becoming aware of the beauty we encounter as we go about our daily lives and normal rhythms is a simple but profound way to connect to a Paradise Mindset.

#4: Happiness

Happiness is an emotion, and therefore naturally ebbs and flows- no one feels happy every second of every day. We are also complex beings, so we usually feel multiple emotions at once. 

So how does a Paradise Mindset apply to emotions like happiness? 

It ties back to the question, why wait until vacation to do the things we enjoy the most? When we wait to pursue joy until vacations or special occasions, we unnecessarily limit our accessibility to feeling emotions like happiness. Making time to do activities that bring us pleasure and delight more frequently help us access feelings of happiness consistently. The goal isn't about trying to feel happy all the time, but to create space in our lives for those feelings to have room to show up and grow. 


#5: Relationships!

Connecting with the people we love is something that happens naturally when we go on travel with family and friends. However, a Paradise Mindset is about making and strengthening meaningful connections wherever we are or find ourselves. Intentionally cherishing, enjoying, and celebrating the relationships in our daily lives is another way to access Paradise without having to leave home.  

#6: Celebrations

Speaking of celebrations, this is also something that comes more naturally when we are on special vacations and trips. Again, we don't have to wait for big accomplishments or huge moments to recognize that we are growing and succeeding. There are so many small things that we do every day that deserve attention and encouragement. This is why our last suggestion to creating a Paradise Mindset within yourself is to bring an attitude of celebration into the way you experience the small moments of your everyday successes.

Paradise- and the restfulness, adventure, beauty, happiness, relationship, and celebrations that are a part of it- doesn't have to be far away. We all have the power to create it for ourselves!