Girl Wrap Ruffle Dress in Pacific Palm Leaves Navy

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  • Rayon 100%, Soft and Silk Like feel
  • Elastic on Waist and Neckline
  • Ruffle on Bottom, Fluffy Skirt
  • Matching set for Men, Women, Boy and Girl Available
  • Same Pattern, Different Style Available
Measured in Inches 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Height 33-38in 39-44in 44-49in 50-54in 55-57in 58-60in 60-62in
Weight 30-40lbs 40-52lbs 52-62lbs 62-74lbs 74-86lbs 86-98lbs 98-110lbs
Chest 21-22.5in 23-24.5in 25-26.5in 27-28in 28-29in 29-30in 30.5-31.5in
Waist 20.5-21.5in 21.5-22.5in 22.5-23.5in 23.5-24.5in 24.5-25.5in 25.5-26.5in 26.5-27.5in
Hip 21.5-23in 23.5-25.5in 26-28in 28-29in 29-30in 30-31.5in 31-32.5in